About Master Paul Van Schoyck (Me)

I started training in the martial arts in 2003 when I was fifteen years old. Like a lot of teenage boys, I hadn't done much in my life outside of school and video games. I never connected with the conventional sports but always loved culture and history. This made traditional martial arts a great fit for me. Training in the martial arts awakened something inside me that changed my life forever. I learned the valuable lesson that one can only accomplish meaningful things by embracing struggle and working hard. Had I not gotten involved in martial arts I fear I never would have learned how to be a competent person. Now, my mission is to help others learn to be successful through the practice of the martial arts.  

In 2009 I opened my own martial arts school, which has grown into a successful business. Being a full-time Taekwondo instructor has given me thousands of hours coaching students on forms, sparring, board breaking, self defense and life skills. Over all this time, I have noticed that almost everyone makes all the same mistakes in the same places. That's where this website comes in! My goal is to not only show you where you may be making a mistake, but also help you develop your eye so that you can better spot and correct your technique. 


5th Degree Black Belt - Taekwondo (W.T. Style) 
5th Degree Black Belt - Tang Soo Doo (Moo Duk Kwan) 
1st Degree Black Belt - Aikido (Birankai)